Specializes In

  • Primary Care
  • Triage
  • Post-Operative Cataract Management
  • Contact Lenses

Meet Dr. Kozlowski


Graduated from the New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA in 1998


Jeffrey D. Kozlowski, O.D. has been practicing in the Southeast since 1998. He is married with two daughters. Dr. Kozlowski is an optometrist in a multi-disciplinary setting with emphasis on primary care, triage, post-operative cataract management and contact lenses.

“I understand and practice the philosophy that a satisfied patient will return again and again. In my experience, when you gain their trust, they not only return, they bring their friends and relatives with them. There are no one-size-fits-all treatments and I treat my patients like individuals who matter.” – Dr. Kozlowski


My wife and I have been patients for several years, for routine eye care as well as surgery. We have always found the care professional and of the best quality. The staff, while supporting a very successful and busy practice is always kind and cooperative. For those complaining about having to wait a little, remember - quality health care is worth waiting for. If the service was poor, you wouldn't have to wait . . . 😊

Jerry Pettis

I love this office. I feel bad that some of the reviews say they had a difficult time getting into the office in a timely manner, I might have gotten lucky. Everyone that works there is as polite as can be. My exams were quick, straight forward and Dr. Koz answered all of my questions. I could not recommend this place enough!

Shelby Bernard

Nice facilities. Doctors and technicians are very nice. Did not wait very long for my appointment.

Geoffrey Bogner