What is iLasik?

The iLASIK procedure is an advanced FDA approved wavefront-guided blade free laser vision correction procedure. iLASIK features, for the first time, the industry's leading edge technologies and techniques in one premium procedure.

What conditions does iLasik treat?

iLASIK is approved for a broad range of vision disorders including:

  • mild to severe nearsightedness
  • mild to moderate farsightedness
  • All types of astigmatism

For those seeking a premium laser vision correction procedure that offers one of the highest safety profiles available, iLASIK procedure is the clear choice.

How does it work?

iLASIK has several key technologies that make a significant difference in the quality and consistency of visual outcomes.

The crown jewel of the customized iLASIK procedure is the new iDESIGN Advanced WaveScan Studio™ technology using the VISX™ Star S4 IR excimer laser system and Iris Registration.


Never have needed an ophthalmologist, but my son was having recurring problems with swelling of his iris. We were recommended by his peditrictian and we loved the service and welcome we got from Dr. Jeff Kozlowski and his staff and everyone at both the Aiken and North Augusta offices. So much so - that my son now wants to be an ophthalmologist himself! Outstanding service, concern, compassion and friendliness. Would recommend to anyone!

Debbie B